Edusmile Kids Online Store

EduSmile Kids is an online store with around 600 educational toys and products. We created the brand and built the website, and am involved with the initial online launch marketing strategy.


Design: Karin Steenkamp
Copywriting: Rox Bradnick
Photos: Carien Strydom


Web Design
Online Shop

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Creative Process

We produced the branding and website through a collaborative creative team effort 

This project came together through a creative and collaborative team effort. I coordinated the contributions made by the client, the copywriter, the photographer and my web design assistant.  We have also been training the client to prepare her for the technical aspects of running and marketing the new online shop.

Mood board

We developed a bright and cheerful colour palette from a mood board created in the early stages of the process.


Rox Bradnick did the keyword research and wrote strategic website copy to help establish the brand voice and natural SEO of the website.

Brand Design

We wanted to bring the “smile” concept into the design, so the logo design is based around a curved scroll banner with kids playing on it. 🙂


We brought in the help of photographer Carien Strydom to create brand photos to use on the blog and website.


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Online Shop

We built the shop using WooCommerce with approximately 600 products loaded. The shop currency is in ZAR as the target customers are based in South Africa.

Payment Gateway

The South African alternative to Paypal is Payfast, and since the shop is set up in ZAR and only targeting South African customers, Payfast was perfect for the job. Secure off-site transactions that are linked to the WooCommerce shop to help speed up the sales process.

Dynamic Pricing

With so many products listed on the site, it was necessary to set up a way for the client to ensure that the product prices are checked against the supplier’s catalogue regularly (to prevent that prices on the site become outdated or to be notified when products are out of stock.) We set up an automated process to handle this task.

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